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Become A Certified Coach In Healing Trauma, Shadow Integration, Relationship Repair, and Emotional and Mental Freedom

Get Yourself AND Your Clients Mentally & Emotionally UNSTUCK With This 5 Day Training Course

These Simple But MIRACULOUS Tools Teach You How To Clear Subconscious Causes of Failure, Limitation, and Suffering To Achieve Your Goals & Dreams


Join The 5 Day Inner Work Accelerator Challenge

Rapidly and almost effortlessly clear the hidden mental and emotional blocks to success and become magnetic to your greatest good.

Use this for yourself AND/OR to add more value to your clients!

Some Of The Many Benefits Of Inner Coaching

  • Gain power to transform all areas of life and relationships from the inside out
  • Achieve your goals & dreams with effortless flow
  • Eliminate negative thoughts, feeling, & habits
  • Turn trauma, pain, sorrow, & shame into purpose & self-love
  • Eliminate negative thoughts, feeling, & habits
  • Clear blocks to receiving love, money, and other forms of success
  • End self-sabotage, fear, anxiety, & procrastination
  • Set yourself FREE to be who you truly ARE
  • Release the unconscious conditions that keep you stuck
  • Redirect your destiny
  • Tap into effortless flow to realize your dreams
  • Experience the joy of being alive
  • Overcome limitations and open to possibility
  • Release the need for approval; Stop denying yourself and stop pretending to fit in or please people
  • Positively recondition your brain & nervous system
  • Increase productivity & improve performance
  • Establish deep & lasting inner peace
  • Clear the causes of drama, trauma, lack & limitation
  • Break free from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, outbursts of anger

The 5 Day Challenge & Course Contents

Each day includes Training and Prep Videos plus a Guided Inner Coaching Process designed to give you the power to break free from limitations and release your inner brilliance.

Day 1: Inner Coaching Basics

Day 1: Inner Coaching Basics

Preparing For Inner Coaching Work

Video 1: Introduction To Inner Coaching Work
Video 2: What Is Inner Coaching Work
Video 3: The Tools of Inner Coaching Work

Process Day 1: The Foundation – Awareness, Acceptance, & Self-Love

Day 2: Being Vs. Identity

Day 2: Being Vs. Identity

Realizing The TRUTH of Who You Are

Video: Distinguish between the Fictional-Self and The Real You

Process Day 2: Realizing the Truth of Who You Are

Day 3: Core Beliefs

Day 3: Core Beliefs

Breaking Through The Hidden Causes of Failure, Limitation, & Suffering

Video: Core Beliefs: Breaking Through The Causes of Failure, Limitation, & Suffering

Process  Day 3: Being Beyond Belief

Day 4: Core Wounds

Day 4: Core Wounds

Healing The Inner Cause of Self-Sabotage

Video: The 5 Core Wounds

Process Day 4: Healing Your Core Wounds

Day 5: Being Core

Day 5: Being Core

Beyond Mind, Emotions, & Body

Video: Living From The Core

Process Day 5: Experience Being Beyond Mind, Emotions, & Body