Inner Coaching Academy

Become A Certified Coach In Healing Trauma, Shadow Integration, Relationship Repair, and Emotional and Mental Freedom

Get Yourself OR Others Mentally & Emotionally UNSTUCK With This 5 Part Inner Coaching Training Course

These Simple But MIRACULOUS Tools Guide You To Heal Trauma & Clear The Subconscious Causes of Anxiety, Fear, Failure, Limitation, Self-Sabotage, and Suffering To Start Successfully & Effortlessly Achieve Your Goals & Dreams


Join The 5 Day Inner Work Accelerator Training

These powerful tools give you direct access to the subconscious mental, emotional, and somatic (bodily) blocks to success and free you to become magnetic to your greatest good.

COACHES/THERAPISTS/COUNSELORS: Use these tools for yourself AND/OR to add more value to your clients!

Some Of The Many Benefits Of Inner Coaching

  • Gain power to transform all areas of life and relationships from the inside out
  • Achieve your goals & dreams with effortless flow
  • Eliminate negative thoughts, feeling, & habits
  • Turn trauma, pain, sorrow, & shame into purpose & self-love
  • Eliminate negative thoughts, feeling, & habits
  • Clear blocks to receiving love, money, and other forms of success
  • End self-sabotage, fear, anxiety, & procrastination
  • Set yourself FREE to be who you truly ARE
  • Release the unconscious conditions that keep you stuck
  • Redirect your destiny
  • Tap into effortless flow to realize your dreams
  • Experience the joy of being alive
  • Overcome limitations and open to possibility
  • Release the need for approval; Stop denying yourself and stop pretending to fit in or please people
  • Positively recondition your brain & nervous system
  • Increase productivity & improve performance
  • Establish deep & lasting inner peace
  • Clear the causes of drama, trauma, lack & limitation
  • Break free from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, outbursts of anger

The 5 Day Challenge & Course Contents

Each day includes Training and Prep Videos plus a Guided Inner Coaching Process designed to give you the power to break free from limitations and release your inner brilliance.

Day 1: Inner Coaching Basics

Day 1: Inner Coaching Basics

Preparing For Inner Coaching Work

Video 1: Introduction To Inner Coaching Work
Video 2: What Is Inner Coaching Work
Video 3: The Tools of Inner Coaching Work

Process Day 1: The Foundation – Awareness, Acceptance, & Self-Love

Day 2: Being Vs. Identity

Day 2: Being Vs. Identity

Realizing The TRUTH of Who You Are

Video: Distinguish between the Fictional-Self and The Real You

Process Day 2: Realizing the Truth of Who You Are

Day 3: Core Beliefs

Day 3: Core Beliefs

Breaking Through The Hidden Causes of Failure, Limitation, & Suffering

Video: Core Beliefs: Breaking Through The Causes of Failure, Limitation, & Suffering

Process  Day 3: Being Beyond Belief

Day 4: Core Wounds

Day 4: Core Wounds

Healing The Inner Cause of Self-Sabotage

Video: The 5 Core Wounds

Process Day 4: Healing Your Core Wounds

Day 5: Being Core

Day 5: Being Core

Beyond Mind, Emotions, & Body

Video: Living From The Core

Process Day 5: Experience Being Beyond Mind, Emotions, & Body