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Self Engineering & Empowerment (SEE)

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An Advanced Guided Mindfulness and Personal Transformation PracticeCalled Self Engineering & Empowerment (SEE) (An Online Zoom Video Gathering)

Want To Go Beyond Your Ordinary Meditation Practice and Take Part In Our Mission For Empowerment and Life Expansion for Humanity Worldwide?

Our Self Engineering & Empowerment (SEE) System uses scientific and precisely designed guided processes working within 4 Domains of consciousness that guide you to easily and rapidly dissolve inner conflict, break free from limitation, and release your full potential.
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Supercharge your mind & emotions

Supercharge your mind & emotions

The SEE processes activate your innate power and potential to help you reduce reduce resistance and increase flow. As you invite in the higher frequencies of thought and emotion, you experience an energizing vibrancy that increases your intelligence and capacity to make decisions that lead to greater success in all areas of your life.
Dissolve Inner Conflict & Reactivity

Dissolve Inner Conflict & Reactivity

The SEE system will assist you in identifying and releasing conflicting thoughts, emotions, feelings & sensations, and efforts recorded in your brain and nervous system. This establishes a profound sense of self-acceptance and self-love deep within your core. When you breakthrough these conflicting forces, you reduce reactivity and dismantle triggers that once controlled you.
Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

The guided relaxation, breathing, and awareness processes of the SEE use scientifically proven practices to reduce stress, anxiousness, and feelings of depression almost instantly. That combined with the collective presence of others see, hearing, and being with you increase neurotransmitter activity and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Guided SEE Processes With Vince Bellitto And Our Coaching Team

Each session is 30 minutes with an optional sharing and open Q&A afterwards. This is the perfect way to supercharge yourself and your day. *** Use Coupon Code "1Core" To Try Your First Group FREE ***
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Benefits Of The Core Community& The SEE System

  • Learn powerful breathing and relaxation methods
  • Dissolve the causes of hidden inner conflicts and reactivity
  • Release mental and emotional blocks
  • Practice opening to higher states of mind and emotion (a.k.a "raise your vibration")
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Strengthen your immune system by reducing stress and its causes
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Transmute your past pain into purpose and power
  • Implement scientific principles to improve performance through inner work

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Meet Vince Bellitto

Hi! I'm Vince Bellitto and my core purpose is "empowerment and life expansion for humanity worldwide."

After living a life of crime and nearly dying from a drug overdose in 1999, I began a desperate search for TRUTH and a way out of the pain and suffering I had found myself in. What I discovered radically altered my life forever.

After spending quite a few months seeking answers through deep meditation and other spiritual practices, I had a profound awakening. I met the inner brilliance I always was. I realized my own and every human beings true source of life and the purpose, power, and innocence that remains in tact regardless of whether we know it or not. This began my mission to help people everywhere discover this inner brilliance for themselves.

For over 20 years, I've been studying, teaching, coaching, and training those practices that make that a reality.

Come join me, my team, and our community and help us fulfill this mission.

Infinite blessings your way!

Vince Bellitto

The SEE System & Domains


The Self Engineering & Empowerment System assists you in gaining awareness, control, and freedom over 4 domains of the human experience. Mind, Emotion, Feelings & Sensations, and Effort. The Core is that part of you that is central to the 4 domains and would be considered the control center and the "spiritual being" which can direct Effort (control) and be aware of (monitor) the functions of the other 3 domains.

We all think in Mind, experience or generate Emotion, have Feelings & Sensations in the body, and are capable of directing Effort or "applied force" within 3 Domains (Mind, Emotion, Feelings & Sensations). This Effort also includes the actions we take through the body.

The 4 Domains can be thought of as your "kingdom" and The Core is YOU, the King or Queen of that kingdom.

The SEE Processes guide you to be more aware of how these 4 domains function and interrelate as well as how to transform the conditioning within each of them. The conditions or programs in the 4 Domains are where you find the cause of all suffering, failure, and limitation, but through the SEE Process, they become the place where you can experience bliss, success, and all possibility.

Our aim is to transform your limitations into possibilities, end suffering, and overcome failure within these 4 domains, and in so doing, reveal the limitless spiritual potential you are at The Core.

The Core
Feelings & Sensations


Join Our Next Zoom Group Guided SEE Process *** Use Coupon Code "1Core" To Try Your First Group FREE ***

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