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1 Year Licensing & Business Growth Program

Get Trained To Deliver 1 On 1 & Group Coaching Using Our Signature Solution Which Includes Trauma & Shadow Integration, Emotional & Somatic Awareness, Breakthrough Relationship & Performance Coaching, Project Management & Strategic Planning, and More.

"Our subconscious mind, emotions, and body's sensations hold the keys to releasing blocks and unleashing our full potential." - Coach Vince Michael

Inner Coaching Is a Unique and Powerful Performance Coaching & Optimization Solution and Highly Effective Alternative To Traditional Therapy

Designed For Aspiring, New, & Existing Professionals

For Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Healers, & Lightworkers

Neuroscience & Evidence Based Tools, Processes, and Practices

Learn The Science Behind The Results & Apply Cutting Edge Principles

A "Hands On" Multi-Sensory Learning Approach

Get Effective Coaching Skills & Gain Confidence Through Regular Practice

Start & Grow A Successful Inner Coaching Business AND Get Paid To Lead Groups

Start & Grow A Successful Inner Coaching Business AND Get Paid To Lead Groups

Today, People Need More Than Talk Therapy, Strategies, Affirmations, State Pumping, and Online Courses To Heal and Succeed

They Need Access TO & Freedom FROM The Inner Limitations That Control Their Perception.They Need Support To...

Clear Core Beliefs

What we concluded that we, the world, or others "ARE" or "ARE NOT"

Release Core Fears

The anticipation of pain, loss, or even death as a result of our Core Wounds

Heal Core Wounds


Drop The Masks

The ways we attempt to avoid feeling or exposing our Core Wounds

Coaches, Therapists, and Other Service Professionals Need More Than Theory, Book Knowledge, Certificates, and Degrees

You Need To Be Self-Aware, Vulnerable, and Living Examples Who Have The Support, Training, and Accountability To Develop Personally As Well Manage & Grow Your Business

Get In-Depth Personal Coaching


Prospect & Client Management Tools

Track prospects; "wow" and manage clients in one app

Effective Marketing & Sales Skills

Workshops and Regular Training To Get Clients

Build Confidence Through Practice

Master your skills to be certain you'll get results

As a coach, healer, therapist, counselor, or group facilitator you want to ask:

  • How can I provide rapid, effective and lasting change for my clients?

  • Can I help my client integrate traumatic events that keep them stuck?

  • Does my coaching empower my clients to deal with root causes for lasting change and success?

  • Can I lead my client to the realization of the wholeness, freedom, power and responsibility they already are?

  • Can I consistently run and grow a successful business while also providing maximum value to my clients?

Trauma-Informed Coaching For Transforming Our World

Inner Coaching (IC) is a unique approach to helping clients create success from an inside out approach. The IC system is comprised of over 20 years of learning and applying some of the most effective coaching and therapeutic methods ever designed as well as many innovative approaches that have helped thousands of clients and many coaches succeed.

Inner Coaching is way more than goals, strategy, and accountability coaching. It is a radical transformative approach that frees clients from the painful past and the root causes of failure, lack, limitation, and suffering and empowers them to imagine and realize entirely new futures.

The Inner Coaching Academy Licensed Coach Program Gives You:

Specialized Training In Cutting Edge & Highly Effective Coaching Skills

Trauma Support Shadow Integration Performance Coaching SELF-Realization Somatic Awareness Attachment Styles Relationship Coaching Core Communication Skills Success & Achievement Coaching

A Clear Path For Mastery Through Regular Application & Direct Experience

Weekly Power Partner Practice Small Group Facilitation Practice Apply Tools With New/Existing Clients Weekly Team and Leadership Feedback Get Regular Personal Coaching Ongoing Accountability Observe Live Demonstrations Practice Marketing To Get Clients and Managing Your Business

A Ready To Go, Proven Coaching Business System (Business in a Box)

Coaching Website Designed To Convert Prospect/Client Management System Pre-Written Google Ads & Keywords Done For You Marketing Heart-Centered Sales Training Strategic Planning/Project Management Create & Define Your Ideal Client Create Magnetic Titles & Headlines Craft Attraction Marketing Videos

Coaching Skills You'll Learn and Apply

Trauma Support

What Is Trauma?: The term trauma is used to describe an event, series of events, or set of circumstances that is experienced as physically or emotionally harmful or life-threatening, overwhelms one’s ability to cope, and has adverse effects on a person’s mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being (SAMHSA, 2014) *

Trauma can alter the perception a person has of themself, others, and the world at large. They can doubt their own worth, have difficulty trusting or connecting with others, and have a general distrust of the world itself. This altered perception can limit a person's ability to be, do, and have.

Almost everyone has experienced trauma of some kind just in varying degrees of intensity. Trying to empower clients to succeed without knowing how to address the trauma that unconsciously controls their perception can hinder or halt progress. Knowing how to help clients resolve their trauma gives them access to a wealth of untapped potential and restores their innate ability to make healthy choices for themselves.

It's essential as a coach to also know how not to RETRAUMATIZE our clients. The unconscious emotional and mental conditions of our clients cannot be forced into submission or ignored when attempting to improve performance, restore relationships, or achieve specific goals.

Impact of Chronic Childhood Trauma *

  • Smaller brain size and structures

  • Difficulty identifying, expressing, and managing feelings

  • Extreme emotional responses, ranging from anxiety and anger to feeling numb and disconnected

  • Increased behavioral issues and risk-taking behaviors, such as self-harm and substance use

  • Difficulty trusting others and forming healthy relationships

  • Low self-esteem and poor self-image

  • Difficulty with attention, learning, and memory

  • Increased learning difficulties, referrals to special education, and likelihood of failing a grade

  • More frequent suspensions, expulsions, and time out of class

  • Increased risk for mental and physical health issues

  • Increased risk for system involvement

    What You'll Learn and Be Trained In:

  • The neuroscience of trauma

  • Specific techniques and approaches for how to help clients break free from the effects of trauma

  • The opportunity to experience the tools at work in yourself as well as effectively apply it to others.

  • Trauma Informed Care

Shadow Integration

What Is The Shadow?: The "shadow" refers to those parts of our being that we reject, dismiss, or are deeply ashamed of and want no one to know about.

These hidden and unwanted aspects of our being show up in how we react to the world we perceive. If we once felt inferior or weak and then felt ashamed of that or were made fun of for it, we may come to hate when we see others experiencing weakness.

Basically, anything we disown about ourselves, we will see as "wrong" in others. Makes sense right? If we hate something we once felt, we may hate it in others.

We also tend to attract or find ourselves with people, events, or situations that reflect our shadow to us. The more we resist what we see "out there", the more we will resist that part of ourself.

Acceptance of these shadow parts is the key to integration, but since we have forcefully hidden and suppressed them for so many years, it isn't easy (without professional support) to access the shadow and bring acceptance to those parts.

What You'll Learn and Be Trained In:

ICA trains you in simple, gentle, and highly effective ways to support your clients in reclaiming these unwanted aspects of their being. This helps dissolve the forces of conflict within which results in a deep sense of peace, deeper intimacy in relationships, and improved performance in work and others areas of life.

Essentially, Shadow Integration is a reduction of resistance and leads to a realization of the true SELF.

Performance Coaching

What Is Performance?:

1. The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.
2. An action, task, or operation, seen in terms of how successfully it was performed.
3. The capabilities of a machine, vehicle, or product, especially when observed under particular conditions.

Performance is the term we use to describe the quality and effectiveness of a human beings activity in relation to a particular goal or outcome. Optimizing performance is a major and one of the most fundamental factors of coaching.

Athletes have coaches to help them improve their performance. Performance optimization is typically a focus on skill building, repetition, and physiological factors like diet, exercise, and sleep.

Though all of these are important there is a more fundamental mechanism at work behind any person's performance and that is a person's PERCEPTION.

There are certain Principles of Performance that when understood, can help you or your clients radically alter their ability to achieve success in ALL areas you bring attention to.

The first principle is "PERFORMANCE is a result of PERCEPTION". No human being acts apart from how they perceive a situation. Perception includes all the unconscious thoughts, emotions, and feelings & sensations of the body. It's automatic and until we learn how to observe this phenomenon and alter it, lasting behavior change is nearly impossible.

What You'll Learn and Be Trained In: 

ICA will teach you all the Principles of Performance and how to apply them in your own life and your client's inside of 4 Spheres: Body, Being, Business, and Bonds

You will have quarterly goals and use the Principles of Performance with regular coaching to transform and improve your life and coach both your Power Partners and your clients.

Self Realization

What Is Self Realization?:

Who or what are YOU really? Are you your memories? Are you your thoughts? Are you your emotions? Are you the feelings & sensations in the body? Are you the activity you do? Are you the body?

Most of us have come to believe we are a "self" that is comprised of various thoughts, emotions, feelings & sensations, activities, and memories of the past. We may fail to realize how limited this view is and that all of these things have a finite or temporal nature to them, and so, we fear dying because to die means to lose what we have identified with so strongly.

But what if you could directly experience the TRUTH of WHAT YOU ARE apart from those limited perspectives? What if you could experience the source and substance of life itself and realize you ARE that?

Inner Coaching makes that possible. Self-Realization is NOT a set of beliefs you must hold. It is a DIRECT EXPERIENCE of that which you truly are.

A primary aim of Inner Coaching is help our clients have this experience for themselves which then frees them from identification with the fictional self that appears so limited and suffers so easily.

What You Will Learn and Be Trained In:

ICA will give you regular opportunities to experience your limitless SELF that you may be grounded in pure being and awareness and then capable of supporting your clients in rapidly coming into this realization for themselves. 

This experience then allows a clear perspective from which problems, challenges, and even trauma can be resolved gently, with great efficiency, and ultimately.

Somatic Awareness

What Is Somatic Awareness?:

"Soma" means body. Somatic Awareness is awareness of the body, but not just that we have a body with various parts. It means becoming aware of the subtler dimensions of sensation within that become the keys to clearing reactive forces, integrating shadows, healing trauma, creating greater intimacy in relationships, optimizing performance, and so much more.

Due to the many painful experiences we have in life that are felt IN THE BODY, we often develop a capacity to "numb out" and "turn off" our awareness to the many sensations that are occuring within. This lack of sensitivity can result in many health issues, recurring patterns of conflict, stress, anxiety, chronic depression, addictive tendencies, and a general dissatisfaction with life.

When it comes to healing trauma, the body is our access to those particular neurological, biochemical, and physiological effects and conditions that resulted from the traumatic event and negatively affect our life quality.

What Your Learn and Be Trained In:

  • Ways to gently become aware of the bodies subtler sensations and how to use them to create internal relief and discharge reactive forces.

  • How to help yourself and clients resolve traumatic events gently and completely through Somatic Awareness.

  • How to self-regulate and co-regulate your nervous system and support clients in doing the same.

Attachment Styles

What Is Attachment Theory?:

Attachment Theory reveals how needs met or unmet and to what degree cause us to develop what’s called an Attachment Style, or the degree to which we will engage with another emotionally, how we may go about it, and how we manage our own emotions.

Attachment Styles are the classifications researchers gave to describe the degree to which a person will "attach" to another.

There are 4 Attachment Styles:

1. Secure Attachment
2. Anxious Attachment
3. Avoidant Attachment
4. Disorganized Attachment

What You'll Learn and Be Trained In:

  • You'll  identify where you are limited in your ability to engage, relate with, and show empathy for others

  • How you can improve your most intimate relationships and that of your clients

  • Ways to heal your relationship to your parents and support your clients in doing the same

  • You will be able to support those you lead in overcoming their own attachment trauma

  • Be able to help parents better understand, reais, and reconnect with their children

Relationship Coaching

What Is Relationship Coaching?:

The ability to support couples, parents & children, team members, and families to overcome communication breakdowns, solve problems, and achieve common goals.All of the principles and tools or Inner Coaching will provide you will powerful skills that can help relationships of all kinds. 

What You Will Learn & Be Trained In:

  • How to assist couples in achieving effective communication (listening & speaking) that leads to understanding.

  • How to help any relationship "speak the unspoken" and create space for authentic, vulnerable, and intimate relating

  • How to repair a relationship after one or more sides have committed an overt act

  • Non-verbal exercises and activities that restore connection, love, and intimacy in relationships

  • The ability to train your clients to support one another with highly effective communication and co-regulating practices

  • Assist multiple people in completing the past painful and destructive interactions

  • How practice and support clients in Non-Violent Communication

  • much much more.

Core Communication

What Is Core Communication?:

Communicating in a non-violent, self-revealing, authentic, and connecting way that leads to great degrees of SELF-Realization and intimacy with others.

Core Communication is a skill and practice that gives us new distinctions and abilities to speak and listen to others with compassion, confidence, and connection. It is responsible communication and can eliminate conflict within a relationship, free you to be your most authentic self, practice self-empathy rather than self-sacrifice, and provide an access to getting your  universal needs met in new and creative ways.

Core Communication is built upon a wide range of communication principles and practices all pieced together and optimized to rapidly evolve our communication skills and habits. The distinctions and tools presented are designed to lead us into a relationship with our own center or “core” of power, responsibility, and self-knowledge. This then leads to learning how to speak and listen from this core creating deep connection and understanding with yourself and others.

What You'll Learn and Be Trained In:

Note: All of the items below apply to you and will be ways you support your clients.

  • The difference between Life Connecting & Life Alienating language

    How to receive others with empathy and help your clients do the same

  • How to engage others with self-empathy

  • How to express authentically

  • The difference between Observation & Evaluation

  • The difference between Feelings & Interpretations

  • The difference between Needs & The Strategies for Meeting Them

  • How to turn Complaints into Requests

  • 12 Competencies of Core Communication

  • 10 Truth Skills

Success & Achievement Coaching

What Is Success & Achievement Coaching?:

You and your clients want to succeed and achieve more in many areas of your lives. Through Inner Coaching, you and your clients will breakthrough the unconscious blocks in mind, emotion, and body releasing trapped potential and Life Force. This newly available power is seeking a creative outlet and through Success & Achievement Coaching, you'll be equipped to help them strategically plan and manage their projects to achieve their bigger goals.

What You'll Learn and Be Trained In:

  • You will learn how to use Strategic Planning and Project Management tools used by teams, organizations, and businesses that work equally well for individuals and families. You can get paid $1000 or more for a  3 hour session to help small or large businesses with these powerful tools. My clients have loved the clarity and direction they gain.

  • Show your clients how to clearly define their Goal, Purpose, Outcomes, and Actions that all follow a precise form of logic to help ensure success and minimize risk and failure.

  • Learn how to continually help your clients clear breakdowns on their way to success.

The Training Curriculum & Program Structure


You'll get the overall program framework to give you the bigger picture and a light introduction to the system & methodology. This will help you understand our tools and practices at a glance and know what to expect.

  • What IS Inner Coaching

  • Purpose of Inner Coaching

  • Overview of the System of Inner Coaching


Discover the RULES that govern how and why people behave the way they do. With these principles and coaching tools, you'll be able to help yourself and your clients accelerate and optimize performance in any area of their life.

  • Principles of Performance

  • The Emotional Scale

  • Identity, Actions, Results, & Meaning Cycle

  • The Core 4 (Being, Body, Business, and Bonds)

  • Understanding & Applying Feedback for Freedom


A Trauma Informed approach to coaching is essential for truly optimizing your clients performance in any and ALL areas of their life. More than that, you'll be giving your clients the inner peace and fulfillment that makes every other achievement worthwhile.

  • Neuroscience of Trauma

  • Polyvagal Theory & Regulation

  • Attachment Theory & Styles

  • Somatic Awareness & Experiencing


Learn how to rapidly assist clients in developing a profound sense of inner safety, freedom, and self-acceptance which then makes it possible to:

  • Heal Core Wounds

  • Release Core Fears

  • Transform Core Beliefs

  • Drop the Masks

  • You'll also learn how to inform clients on the "7 Critical Factors That Keep Us Stuck" and work with them to transform them


Business coaching, accountability, marketing tools, and done for you setup of your sales funnel, ads, and content will ensure you have a steady stream of clients to serve.

  • Learn How To Go From "Coaching To Cashflow" (This is a 8 Step training to empower your communication, marketing, and sales abilities regarding your coaching services.

  • Client Relations Management System to manage your clients professionally with personalized notes, onboarding system, private chat, and more.


You'll be given exclusive access to all of our coaching programs and events to practice your skills, enhance your learning, and give you deep personal transformation and performance optimization in all areas of your life.

Start & Grow A Successful Inner Coaching Business AND Get Paid To Lead Groups

Start & Grow A Successful Inner Coaching Business AND Get Paid To Lead Groups



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